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The Objectives of the Association are: To assist members in the art and science of beekeeping, including sharing effective techniques, coping with problems, meeting challenges, and supporting each other in our efforts;  To educate members about and encourage compliance with laws pertaining to beekeeping, including inspection and suppression of contagious diseases among honey bees;  To promulgate information to the public about beekeeping and the valuable role of honey bees in nature and agriculture;  To encourage more people to become involved in beekeeping. 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

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Tip of the Month

 Candy Board

Prevent Starvation

Gently lift the back of your hive every week or two to check on their weight.  Hives should weigh more than 60 pounds.  On a warmer day (temperature around 50), remove the top cover and check on reserve food stores.  Add candy board, fondant, or granulated sugar if bees are running low.  You and your bees have worked too hard to allow them to starve in February or March.